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One thing I like most about being a para is having time to talk with the children. Teachers will sometimes ask me to look after their class for a few minutes while they are out of the room. Most often, they ask me if I mind them going to the bathroom! It must be hard to be a teacher, right?

Talking with the children keeps them engaged and occupied which will keep their energy calm and happy. I really enjoy talking with the older students because they have interesting things to say and know a lot about popular culture. 

One day I was supervising a group of three 5th graders during their math time. They had finished their daily assignment and had spare time to chat. I asked them a question along the lines of, what do you want to be when you grow up? All three of them replied, a YouTuber!

I wanted to laugh, that’s not a real job, right?

In their videos, they said they would talk about video games, books, and other videos. I wanted to remind them how small a percentage of YouTubers make money. 

But, I did not want the light in their smiles to go away. Their faces just lit up and they were talking excitedly! 

I do want them to be YouTubers. I want them to create a channel together. I want them to dream about making it big, pursuing their passions, and loving their life. I want them to try at something and if they fail, know they tried their best. 

I smiled and said nothing, I just listened.

The world is completely different now than that day in math class but the message is still the same, “Be a YouTuber” means to do your dream and don’t hesitate; these children did not waste one second thinking about it!


Eliza Crane

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Photo credit to Jeffrey Kraker

3 thoughts on “Be a YouTuber

  1. I love that they have that aspiration! If they all work together, I bet they could come up with some great material!

    Reminds me of my youtube stardom dreams!

    I like that you let them express themselves without expressing your concerns. A lot of times when we express a dream or desire to someone, they will shut us down with negative facts. Sometimes those comments can hinder our excitement and love for the dream.

    Thanks for the great post!

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