What is Your Favorite Snack?

Why not treat yourself to your favorite snack this weekend?

I work as a Special Education Para. That means, I have lunch duty! Everyday I help the young children with their lunches and the packaging. I also support one of my students with behavior and all the children to follow the cafeteria rules.

One day last year, one of my students was having a very bad day. They did not like their food, they did not like their friends, and they did not like themselves. I thought to myself, seems like they need a quiet place for a few minutes and their favorite snack. What is better than that?

I love being a para because I get to do things like this for my students. I support them all throughout their school day when they may be overwhelmed or not having a good day. Everyone needs a break sometimes. I get to be the person that cheers them up and I am really good at it!

I told my student I would walk them to a quiet place and give them their favorite snack. They accepted my offer immediately and agreed to walk with me. On the way, they asked me what the snack was. I told them, graham crackers. They looked confused, they asked me, “How did you know?”

I got you, kid! I think when we love someone, we know what the person loves to eat. This hurts my heart a little bit because this child did not know that when you love someone, you like to feed them their favorite snack. I love all my students and this is one way to show it.

I love graham crackers for a snack, especially with peanut butter. In the fall, my favorite snack is apple slices with cinnamon and honey. Fall is just around the corner. 🙂

This weekend, I hope you spend some time making yourself your favorite snack and showing yourself some love.

What is your favorite snack? Comment what you love to snack on!

Be well,

Eliza Crane

4 thoughts on “What is Your Favorite Snack?

  1. I think food is a great way to connect with people. I love how you were able to see that the student needed some 1 on 1 time to decompress and you provided a space where the student could feel relaxed, and less stressed.

    In college, I always had apple juice boxes in my mini fridge. If my friend was having a bad day, it would be the first thing I would offer. Who doesn’t love a juice box?!

    My favorite snack would be popcorn. Morning, noon, and night! Prosciutto and mozzarella would be a close second. So hard to choose!

    Thanks for sharing, Eliza!

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  2. I love peanut butter and pickle toast. My in-laws make the best pickles! My favorite pairing would have to be my mother-in-law’s relish and natural peanut butter on crisp, whole wheat bread.
    My second favorite snack is fried tofu. I can easily eat an entire package right off the skillet.

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