Creature Comforts

It is important to prioritize spending time making things or getting things for yourself to feel more comfortable. Life is about the little things, like a soft blanket, warm socks, and a comfortable chair. It kinda ruins the mood to have cold toes. 

Small things we can do to make our lives more comfortable are like a mood booster. It feels nice to be nice to myself. I think that is what hygge is about, small things to make ourselves more comfortable, like a hug from a quilt or a smile from a funny card.

I got to spend some time with my mom making a pillow for my writing space. It is a cozy little spot in the corner of my kitchen, between the tall pantry cabinet and the wall. I have a cool Eiffel Tower lamp with a pink lampshade for a rosy, paris glow on top of a round table. It was the table we used at my family cabin when I was growing up, which has now been sold, and I asked to keep this table because of the good times we spent eating and playing Yahtzee. I have made my space as positive as possible and it needed to be more comfortable as I spend more time here writing. 

I asked my mom to help me make a pillow with fabric I bought of an adorable children’s book character in Finland named Moomin. Not only did she help with the task, she gave me a family sewing machine and all the supplies I would need! Now I have a cute pillow to comfort me as I work endlessly on my stories. 

The fabric for my pillow, marching Moomins

The feeling of comfort is important to having a good mood and positive outlook on life. It was worth the cost of money and time to make this little pillow for my lap. It was worth the effort to learn something new and to spend time with a loved one. 

I think about comfort when I work with my students at school because I know they cannot learn well if they are not comfortable. When I was in elementary school, we mostly sat at desks and the carpet. At the school I work at, there is a lot of flexible seating with couches, pillows, and chairs to curl up in. I think about if the children are comfortable at home and how much that affects their learning because they will not be productive at home without a quiet and comfortable work space.

What is one thing you can do to make your space more comfortable? It could even be something small like a colored light bulb to make a space fun and cozy, it could be a cute mug to drink tea out of, it could be just taking time to organize and declutter. Prioritize your own comfort and notice how it makes you feel! If you have an idea in mind, comment and share it with me.

Be well,

Eliza Crane

Photo credit to Jeffrey Kraker

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